Environmental Certificate Exchange


Environmental Certificate Exchange (ECX) is an environmental brokerage, certificate depository, and exchange firm providing expert validation, verification, and managing third-party certification of environmental attributes generated from clean energy projects, including: solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, water conservation, recycling programs and mixed recyclables, and energy efficiency projects or systems.   

ECX markets two environmental attributes under the Clean Skies for Communities™ banner. Both Clean Skies Certificates™ and Clean Skies Carbon Offsets™ are produced from clean energy projects in the Public Sector.

 ECX provides assurances to consumers, businesses, and municipalities that they are reducing the environmental impact of their electricity use with Clean Skies for Communities. Clean Skies has become an important choice for buyers looking to reduce their carbon footprints and gives buyers a way to help the community. 

Many people and organizations purchase environmental offsets produced on their behalf for environmental and greenhouse gas reduction benefits when compared to conventional fossil fuel-based electricity generation. The difference with Clean Skies for Communities products is the proceeds benefit Public Sector community members who own the clean energy projects. 

Clean Skies environmental products capture in dollars the value that our society places on protecting the environment and are the largest and fastest growing new commodity market. The purpose of these financial instruments is to provide investment incentives for clean power generation and energy efficiency projects. Clean Skies Carbon Offsets and Clean Skies Certificates serve to offset purchasers’ use of conventional electricity from nonrenewable energy sources such as fossil fuels and natural gas efficiency. Each offset represents the environmental attributes produced when conventional fuels, such as coal, oil, gas or nuclear are displaced through renewable energy sources or through energy efficiency. 

ECX’s superior blend of certified energy efficiency and renewable energy offsets seamlessly support institutional, government, corporate and consumer goals of purchasing green energy and reducing greenhouse gases. Purchasers of Clean Skies are corporations, institutions, small businesses, municipalities, home-owner associations, colleges, universities, cities, electric utilities, and individuals. 

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